A “Successful” Italian Verb – How to Say “To Win” in Italian (12 Expressions)

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How to use the verb win in Italian – Example

verb win in italian

  1. vincere in scioltezza = to win hands down
  • vincere senza colpo ferire = to win without firing a shot or win without a fight
  • vincere a mani basse = to win hands down
  • vincere con distacco
  • vincere con l’inganno = to win with a subterfuge
  • vincere di stretta misura = to win by a narrow margin
  • vincere sulla carta = to be the favourite
  • vincere la diffidenza = to overcome the distrust
  • vincere in volata = to sprint home to win
  • vincere di mezza testa = (horse racing) to win by half a head
  • vincere la propria vergogna = to overcome one’s shyness
  • vincere per abbandono dell’avversario = to win by default

The Italian Verb “To Win” Conjugated on the Field In 2006 and 2021

Here’s the video of the famous victory of Italy in the Final Of the Soccer World Championship (2006):

And here’s the video of the recent victory of Italy in the European championship 2021:

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