Italian Alphabet: Learn It Easily & Quickly With 3 Videos

Italian AlphabetThe modern Italian alphabet has 26 letters, but 5 (J, K, W, X and Y) are not native Italian letters. 

They appear in words with Greek/Latin origin and in many foreign terms that are widely used in Italian.

The Italian Phonetic Alphabet – Easy & Helpful Video!

The Italian Alphabet – The Table

Here’s the Italian alphabet table with 21 letters:

Lettere (letters) Nomi (names) Fonemi(phonemes) Examples
A, a a a (car) stanza (room)
B, b bi b (same as english) bar (bar)
C, c ci c dolce (choose) cielo (sky)
C, c ci c duro (can)  con (with)
D,d di d (same as english) del (of the)
E, e e e aperta (and) e (and)
E, e e e chiusa (her) immensità (immensity)
F, f effe f (same as english) fumo (smoke)
G, g gi g dolce (join) genio (genius)
G, g gi g dura (gap) gas (gas)
H, h acca no sound in Italian ho (I have)
I, i i i (read) idea (idea)
L, l elle l (same as english) lago (lake)
M, m emme m (same as english) ma (but)
N, n enne n (same as english) non (not)
O, o o o aperta (rod) organo (organ)
O, o o o chiusa (road) mondo (world)
P, p pi p (same as english) più (plus)
Q, q ku k (same as english) qui (here)
R, r erre r (same as english) Roma (Rome)
S, s esse s (same as english) sei (six)
T, t ti t (similar to english) tutto (all)
U, u u u (room) uno (one)
V, v vi v (same as english) vocale (vocal)
Z, z zeta z sorda – z sonora zio (uncle)

The Italian Alphabet – Video with the Pronunciation

The Italian Alphabet – The 5 Foreign Letters

Here’ are the 5 letters (J, K, W, X and Y) used in the modern italian alphabet for many foreign terms:

Lettere (letters) Nomi (name) Fonemi (phonemes)
j i lunga i (read)
k cappa k (same as english)
w wu doppio v (veil)
x ics cs (accident)
y ypsilon i (read)

3 Peculiar Italian Consonants Clusters

Here are three consonant clusters with a peculiar pronunciation:

Lettere (letters) Nomi (names) Fonemi (phonemes) Examples
gn gi-enne n (spanish ņ) gnomo (gnome)
gl gi-elle l (call you) aglio (garlic)
sc esse-ci sh (shell) scienze (science)

The Italian Alphabet Song – The Name of the Letters

Here’s a funny song for learning the name of all Italian alphabet letters:

The Italian Spelling Alphabet

Here’s how to spell the Italian words to avoid any mistake when you speak on phone, in offices, and so on:

A= a  come Ancona B = bi come Bari
C = ci  come Como D = di  come Domodossola
E = e come Empoli F = effe come Firenze
G = gi come Genova H = acca come Hotel
I  = i come Imola J = i lunga come Jolly
K = cappa come K.O. L = elle come Livorno
M = emme come Milano N = enne come Napoli
O = o come Otranto P = pi come Palermo
Q = qu come Quadro R = erre come Roma
S = esse come Savona T = ti come Torino
U = u come Udine V = vi come Venezia
W = wu doppia/doppia wu – come Washington X = ics come Raggi X
Y = ipsilon come Yacht Z = zeta come Zara

As you can see, the names of several Italian Cities are used in this spelling system. Here’s a map to learn their location in Italy:

Italian Cities And Spelling

4 Italian Acronyms

Organizzazione (Organization)
Fabbrica (Factory)
Italiana (Italian)
Azienda (Company)
Sanitaria (Healthcare)
Europea (European)

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